Chippewa Falls Science

Chi Hi Geology

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NSP Dam-NSP Dam is located along the Chippewa River next to the city of Chippewa Falls. The dam was built in 1928 on a site that was once one the largest sawmills in the world.The dam is situated on a large outcrop of Biotite Granite (Pgr).  Before the dam and the mill this was  once a large waterfall. Hence, the name 'Chippewa Falls'.

Granite in general is evidence of a mountain building event usually from the collision between two plates of continental crust (o-o). The granite found at the NSP site is roughly 1.85 Billion Years old, which means this granite formed during the Penokean Orogeny. During this time the Superior Plate collided with the Marshfield plate forming the Penokean Mountains.

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